Since the year 1999, a top 2000 of best music tracks has been produced every year, during the last month of the year, by listeners of 'NPO Radio 2', a Dutch radio station.

But since the beginning, every year the top 10 of this is so steady. With invariably The Bohemian Rapsody from Queen on number 1, The Eagles with Hotel California on 2 and somewhere in the top 10 also Boudewijn de Groot, a Dutch singer.

With the arrival this year of 'the yellow coats movement' I have come up with this protest illustration.

On the board is the Dutch translation of: "For a fair Top2000! We demand a fair top 10, without The Eagles, Boudewijn de Groot and Queen!"

In the background you can see the museum for Sound & Vision, where the Top2000 is presented.

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